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Wendy Peverill-Conti

: I have a 80 gallon electric water heater that is old and uses a lot of power! Id like to switch to gas, and I think a 50 gallon tank, for my family of 4. Is this an appropriate volume tank? There is gas coming into the house, but how do I find out about converting to a gas tank – do I get a plumber out here to check it out? How do I find a plumber? And is there a lot of shopping around to do for the heater itself? As you can see Im a new homeowner. : Anyt help appreciated : Wendy Peverill-ContiIf you are determined to change to gas you definately need a plumber. I would consider just buying a 50 gallon electric(depending on how many bathrooms). If you change to gas, a plumber will have to add gas, add a vent, add combustion air, and if it is in the garage it will need to be raised 18. Weve put in 50 gallon tanks in up to 3 bath houses, but I wouldnt feed more than 3 baths with a 50. Also, most hot tanks range around the same price. I personally use Bradford White, and have had good luck with them, but if you hire a plumber, they probably use thier own brand.

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