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Dusty McWilliams

: I currently have a 500,000 gallon water storge tank : utilized as a back-up for our fire protection system. : Could you provide me with any specific requirements for : the inspection of the tank interior: via diver?: Thank You, I work as a water tankologist in Australia .It has often been suggested that divers could assess the internal condition of tanks.I personally doubt the benefit of such an inspection because , depending on the material the tank is constructed from,the surface must be cleaned ie;removal of rust(corrosion)silt& any carbon(if steel)before a clear assement can be made.Any problems ie:electrolysis ,concrete cancer, severe corrosion etc are difficult to see in open air under light, let alone under-water with limited light and poor visibility (after disturbing silt,corrosion etc),by a specialist diver without any real experience (engineering,corrosion,concrete cancer) would be near useless. Dusty McWilliams

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