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    Depending on your location if you need a frost proof hose connection.

    Regardless of the type of hose connection you decide upon Get one with a vacuum breaker protection even if it means as an add on.

    Then check your local code as to proper location as per Critical Level (for your protection).

    As a matter of fact according to the American Society Of Sanitary engineers (ASSE)
    Latest publication.

    A company by the name of Arrow Head Brass Products has just been authorized a seal from the ASSE under standard 1019, Vacuum breaker wall hydrants, freeze resistant, automatic draining Type, model 486 BFP-3/4″ outlet and 1/2 inlet- type A

    What you need to look for is the ASSE number and try to look for the type of service your going to use it for like the standard 1019.

    THEN ask your local Master plumber or his journeyman for the proper installation requirements. Make sure your dealing with a “plumber” not a helper as this is for your protection as an apprentice knows just enough to get someone killed.

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