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    Hydrogen is a component of water, thus H2O is well known. Less commonly known is the meaning of Ph. This is a balance of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-). At any time there is free oxygen in water kept in balance by the chemical combinations within the water. Low Ph (below 7 on a logarithmic scale) is an acid condition. High Ph (above 7) is a basic condition.

    Other gases are present in water depending upon the water source. Well water often contains hydrogen sulfide that smells rotten. Chemical reactions separate hydrogen from the hydrogen sulfide. Chlorine may bond with oxygen from a hydroxyl, leaving hydrogen. Other chemical reactions can take place. Reaction time is doubled for every ten degree rise in temperature, so a water heater is an ideal location to collect hydrogen.

    Actual problems from this collection occur rarely, but the nature of our litigous society creates a necessity to warn of any possible danger.

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