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    Harold NOW you see why the plumber that Nick told us about had his license REVOKED for sending out an apprentice/helper.

    Seems apprentices NEVER read directions or follow simple instructions WE NEED a longer apprenticeship as 5 years just doesn’t seem to work any more.

    The 10,000 hours I went through plus class room 720 hours is a GREAT start but not enough time to learn to be a decent journeyman with all the new aspects in this profession.

    You see an apprentice would never think about code changes or bothering to actually look up the ACTUAL BTU input or output of an appliance he/she would just be a replacement “specialist” as “helpers” are known to cut corners in every aspect of of the job as they just don’t know better.

    I failed more apprentices for NOT reading the questions presented and not ASSUME

    For example the above gentleman said
    “My current water heater is 4 in. away and a larger replacement ”

    This lack of thinking that a “helper” has could get someone killed.

    The above writer said Larger But never mentioned how much larger in BTU thus possibly affecting the actual burner size (input required) and flue piping.

    A simple helper would take out a heater and install another one with total disregard to free air or actual burner consumption.

    Helpers are by no stretch of the imagination skilled and aren’t even considered a mechanic by anyone except in their own minds and CRIMINAL plumbers who send these untrained folks out to do whatever a helper does as it sure aint plumbing or heating.

    More then ever the consumer should ask to see either the journeyman’s license Or the Licensed Master plumber.

    Too many Jacklegs out there thinking they know better.

    I had one Jackass say you don’t need a Hartford loop if you have either a low water cut off Or an automatic feeder on a steam boiler

    Harold, TRAINING and more training is the answer and more stringent testing especially in reading and understanding the various codes we need to follow.

    Harold keep on posting as your keeping the heating profession on its toes.

    Thank you again.

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