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    Yes Sylvan, it is unfortunate that ther is no licensing for heating and cooling as a profession in residential work in all states. As this profession began after the established professions of plumber, stationary engineer and electrician, the heating and air conditioning profession crosses these same trade areas. A fully licensed HVAC professional would need to be licensed in plumbing, stationary engineering, refrigeration, and electrician with minors in sheetmetal worker, carpenter, and mason. As there would be only one lifetime to get these licenses, the field has been permitted to be unlicensed.

    This leaves sincere professionals, dabblers, handymen, and charlatans in the same customer service arena. The concept of the uneducated installing the most expensive and complex type of residential heating – slab radiant heating – with home center parts is ridiculous.

    The hydronic heating manufacturers designed and accepted the series-loop heating circuit to make a hydronic system competitive with properly-installed warm air systems. That you can provide your customers with the more controllable 2-pipe cast-iron radiation system shows the willingness of customers to purchase a quality comfort system. A floor radiant system is a 2-pipe system by the nature of the many loops.

    During the entire 40-year history of the education effort of the hydronic manufacturers, There were no more than 2000 plumbers who atttended the course that simplified the design of 2-pipe systems. This leaves a serious shortage of fully-qualified installers. I am happy to know that your customers have a fully qualified professional.

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