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    Hello MakMak,

    First thing you have to teach your children that a water closet is luxury, you see there was a time that you had to leave your home and go out back to use the outhouse. This had to be done in all sorts of nasty weather.

    During the early part of 1900’s great grandfather started installing water closet in homes , at the time it was considered taboo. People just couldn’t see using a toilet in there house, they thought it belonged in the backyard, most thought it was downright disgusting. Most of the toilets my great grandfather installed were put in closets, thus the term water closet.

    One of the first great men to design this product ( though recently they have unearth a toilet in China that dates back thousands of years) was a fellow named Thomas Crapper thus the term Crapper, you may want to hold this information until your children are a little older.

    My suggestion is, forget about the Sloan, when you flush it sounds like a 747 taking off in your bathroom, really only good for commercial retro fits, but to try renting an outhouse or porta potti and have your little darlings use that for a while. After trudging in and out of the house to use the out house they will gain a new found respect for the water closet and all it represents.

    The water closet should be treated as a member of the family. If this doesn’t appeal you try purchasing a Eljer Patriot 1.6 gallon flush I have personally seen this toilet swallow TWELVE GOLF BALLS!

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