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    RESPONSE: If you would like a referral to an expert repipe contractor in your area, we can provide you with several names. For comprehensive and FACTUAL information on polybutylene, Class Action Links and Contractor Opportunities visit
    This site hides nothing and is here to HELP you. This is a not for profit site that is here for one reason . . . to help you deal with repipe issues.

    There are some sites that appear to be providing you with complete information about polybutylene. Some of these are commercial sites in the poly replacement business. They tell you what they want you to know. And some tell you different stories. We do NOT recommend you allowing a subcontractor to do repipe work in your home.

    If you do not qualify for the class action suits do NOT simply let a contractor tell you there are no alternatives. We can provide you with alternative solutions, as well as a list of top contractors to get estimates from. You certainly need more than one or two estimates and several referrals. We will also tell you the questions to ask your contractor to make sure they have crews that are qualified to do the work in your home. For example, make sure you ask any contractor if he has left a job and the house caught fire from hotspots they left in the walls. This is a very key question.

    Also be sure to ask all companies for a few phone numbers of the references or testimonials they show you. Don’t let them select which ones if they are featured on a website. Just ask them for the names and phone numbers of the ones you want to call. You may find some surprises.

    Here are some reliable websites with additional information :

    Polybutylene Information Help Site – 5 STAR SITE –

    Master Plumbers Bulletin Board – 5 STAR SITE –

    Terry Love Plumbing Bulletin Board – 5 STAR SITE – Info on Repipe –

    Terry Love Plumbing Bulletin Board – 5 STAR SITE – Polybutylene Info and Pictures –

    CLASS ACTION – Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center – 800-356-3496 –

    CLASS ACTION – Spencer Class Facility – 800-490-6997 –

    CLASS ACTION – Brasscraft Claims Facility – 3600 Orchard Hill Place, Novi, MI 48376

    CLASS ACTION – Canadian Homeowners –

    CLASS ACTION – Canadian Homeowners –
    Poly site that references Class Action Lawsuit filed by the insurance industry against the poly resin manufacturers

    Site with Key Dates involved in the development and problems associated with polybutylene plumbing systems –

    Site with confidential documents from Shell!!! –

    SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like referrals to reliable contractors in your area or you want to know more about your contractor, please visit . . .

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