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    Originally posted by tonbuc:
    I have recently installed a 90L rheem gas hot water system (7 years old) to replace our previous electric heater. I notice that although the water temperature initailly heats to a desirable temperature, when the system is left without use, say overnight, the next morning the water temperature is noticibly lower. When the water is then first used in the morning the burner immediatley kicks in and eventually heats the water back up to the correct temperature. I suspect that there must be something not functioning correctly in regards to the thermostat as it is not keeping the water at the correct temperature but dont know if this can be adjusted or fixed. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Tony.

    Exactly what my gas tank is doing! And it’s starting to drive me nuts. I have tried various different temperature settings on the thermostat, but the problem still exists.

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