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Wow thursty your an electrician (5 YEAR apprenticeship) your a plumber 5 year apprenticeship
Heating guy (steam fitter) 5 year apprenticeship.

Now most of these crafts require at least 7 years before your even allowed to take the masters Exam.

You being so skilled YOU are now the resident Expert on here Thank you.

Please explain to me Mr every TRADE known,
suppose you had to to replace a 160 microfarad 440 volt capacitor, and had these 5 capacitors to choose from

1. 60 MFD- 220V 2. 100 MFD-330 V 3. 40 MFD-440 V

4. 120 MFD 440V 5. 100 MFD – 440V

Tell me which ones ok EXPERT

Hey Mr. Expert AC guy

Why is the low MFD RUN capacitor physically larger then the high MFD START capacitor?

Please tell me as Im only a plumber and your the EXPERT

What is the microfarad tolerance when replacing a RUN capacitor and a START Capacitor?

After all you is DA MAN Im told.

YOU GO guy as Im only a plumber and this AC stuff is so hard to understand .You GO EXPERT MAN

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