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    Unfortunately the Moron is on here again posting what he doesn’t know.

    A lot of water meters have this little red dial that spins with ANY LOSS of water.

    What the idiot who posted didn’t know is a hole 1/64 of an inch losses about 125,000 Gallons per YEAR @ 45 PSI.

    As professional Plumbers and Gas fitters we learned to use equipment for our advantage.

    The unknowing have no idea that to find out if there is a gas leak we cap all gas outlets and watch the meter. The same holds true with water, Except we only have to shut off the faucets as there are no standing pilots to give a false reading.

    Only a true Brain dead person would knock a suggestion without asking HOW it works.

    Bungie also had a great suggestion about dumping water down this drain.

    If the drain trap is pitched back to much you could hear a dripping sound as the trap weir losses part of its seal as it drips down the drain.

    the meter is only one way we use to find out if there is indeed a leak. Good luck

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