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    yaronh, the selection of the appropriate pump is determined by the volume of water to be pumped, the rate at which you wish to remove the water, and the total dynamic head which must be overcome to remove the water at the desired rate. Consult the pump curve included with the sump pump information to determine the volume of water pumped at various head elevations.

    If the person that recommended the Zoeller M-53 sump pump considered these variables then I would concur with the recommedation. Zoeller Pumps are very high quality pumps that will give many years of dependable service. I have used the Zoeller M-53 sewage effluent pumps in many septic systems which required lifting septic tank effluent into the leach field.

    John Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)
    Septic System Consultant
    Timnath, Colorado

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