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    I have another friend who’s a demolition guy who’s going to come out and take a look. He says that any waterproofing done should be done to the outside, not the inside–looks impressive, costs a lot of money, but that you want to stop it before it gets to the foundation.

    He also seems to think that it’s somehow tied to those exterior underground gutter drains.

    Another waterproofer came today to give a quote; he said that the foundation was masonry, not poured concrete [as I had been told] and that it had been parged after that with a coat of concrete. He said the floor was probably originally a dirt floor and the water would have just been allowed to drain through.

    [He lost major credibility points when he told me that concrete wasn’t used in the 1930s. Fortunately I used to hang out in old cement factories, and I vaguely remembered that Portland cement, at least, has been in use since at least the mid-1800s.]

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