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Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    John, what is the difference between grey water & black or normal sepic water? I went to a seminar once & an expert from the CSIRO was telling us that;

    1. Over 90% of people urinate in the shower, they wash their butts, blow their noses & women continue to shower during their monthly cycle.

    2. When people clean their teeth, blood is a part of the rinsing process.

    3. When clothes washing is done there are soiled undies, dirty hankies, and soiled nappies.

    4. All sorts of bacterial laden crap is washed down sinks.

    He went on to say that if the waste water was stored in a tank for more than an hour in certain climates, the growth of pathogens equaled that found in septic water. Some of the worst blockages I have ever come across have been in Kitchen grease traps.


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