Reply To: Roter Rooter got Auger Stuck, refuses to correct, who’s liable?
Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    Mr Windsock. all trees or shrubs like to get their toes ” hair roots” into water, Drainage inherently carries water.
    When hair roots penetrate a drain they grow & anoy the householder.
    The Local Licensed Plumber comes along & trims these hair roots.
    The cut off roots grow more hair roots & the orriginal hair root becomes an adult root exerting up tp 40lbs of pressure on the joints it has penetrated & sends out lots of baby hair roots to anoy the householder enough to call the Licensed Plumber again.
    The Licensed Plumber comes along & trims the adult root & the adult root turns into a Grandfather root with lots of little hair roots to anoy the house holder.
    The Householder calls in the Licensed Plumber Who is by now deciding on the colour of his new BMW but will charge extra for weekend work, so the crafty Householder decides to call in a Franchiseee who doesnt charge extra as he is paying for the Franchise.
    By this time old grandfather Root has fractured most of the joints in the drainage system unbeknown to the unsuspecting but knowledgable householder, Knowledgable because every time he gets the Sewer snaked the Plumber shows him the hair roots.
    The Franchiseee inserts his rooter down the drain & old grand father Root says ” Crikey we have got to stop this carnage of our ofspring” & grabs the Head.
    It is this time that Mr Homeowner thinks that its the Franchisee wots caused this & reckons with the Franchisee.
    The Franchisee feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the critiscism agrees to remove the head, but alas the home owner wishes for the drainage to be like new, to which the franchisee cannot agree, the ensuing months allow old grandfather root to completely envelope the head & now the drainage is in a state of not being a drain but a pipe full of roots & a steel cable to boot.
    The moral to the story is

    Crikey I forgot, But Terra Cotta, Earthenware call it what you want breaks when subjucted to the pressure exerted by roots, oh yes I remember “The roots done it”.

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