Reply To: Roter Rooter got Auger Stuck, refuses to correct, who’s liable?
Avatar photoWindSong1

    Oh I suppose I am a bit patient! This was going one for about two months before I ever posted the note. But actually the drain is not giving me any problems unless I try to run the dishwasher and laundry at the same time. And then it’s just a small puddle about two feet in diameter of what I’m guessing is considered “gray water”. I’ve never had water back up into the house or anything like that. But I’m getting ready to put the house on the market and there’s no doubt this will be an issue.

    But I am curious about what someone (up there) wrote about the definition of a broken pipe. These are tiny hair like roots that come in through the joints of a pipe…how is that considered broken? Is it relevant to mention that these are terracotta pipes? Are any of you guys in the deep south? Maybe the conditions are just different here….

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