Reply To: Roter Rooter got Auger Stuck, refuses to correct, who’s liable?
Avatar photoWindSong1

    I appreciate the time you took to answer, but your response didn’t help much. Perhaps I didn’t give enough information.

    The drains are not in such bad condition. I have a yard full of trees, rich dark soil so everything grows exceptionally fast, and pipes with joints that allow tiny roots into the drain. As most people do around here, we simple have the roots removed periodically. Problem solved.
    And the drain wasn’t backing up. In fact it has never backed up. The only symptom that let me know it was about time to have it rooted was a gurgling sound in the commode after doing a large amount of laundry while the dishwasher was running and kids in the shower. So you see, I haven’t neglected the situation.

    So back to my basic question, Do you think Rooter Rooter is responsible for removing their property from my drains. Especially if, once the yard is dug up, it turns out that there is no break in the pipes.

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