Reply To: Roter Rooter got Auger Stuck, refuses to correct, who’s liable?
Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    windsong. Your post annoys me immensly. However I will restrain myself.
    Obviously your sewerage is in a very bad state if you have to have them snaked out every year, your sewer apparently was blocked by roots tha you were obviously aware and which have obviously become a major inhibitor of free flow.
    These apparent roots have caught the cutter head to the point of the operator disconnecting rather than damaging the expensive equipment.
    His equipment is not stopping your drainage it is the faulty drainage which has captured his equipment.
    You should have dug up the problem years ago but now would be an oportune time because the offending problem should be easy to find. However you should now engage a Fully Licensed Master plumber to do this work as you should have in the first instance.
    Dont be so fickle & pay your dues.

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