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    I’ve been in my new home two months now and just started having an odor in the bathroom which seems to be coming from the bidet. Why might that be, and what can I do about it? Since the house is under warranty, should I contact the builder?

    Here is an easy test.

    Fill your basin, tub and bidet and let the water out (it can be cold water)

    If you hear a gurgling sound like pouring soda from a 2 liter bottle you have a vent problem.

    What you are looking for is a steady vortex with no bubbles coming back into the fixtures.

    There are several causes why foul odor can be in this area.

    The newer homes are built really air tight and thus home ventilation and indoor air quality is a real concern .
    The foul smell could also be from improperly installed fixtures that rely on a wax gasket for a gas tight seal like a water closet (commode).

    Another remote possibility is trap seal loss which can happen by any one of the following.

    1- Oscillation (wind effect) especially on the upper floors

    2- Negative pressure, like a blocked vent or missing vent and someone uses a fixture and the trap seal is pulled down the waste or soil line.

    3- Capillary attraction much like a wick on a fluid cigarette lighter where hair or string could syphon out a trap seal

    4-Evaporation from lack of use

    5- Pitched traps could cause self syphonage allowing smells to enter.

    6- Defective trap like a crack can lose the trap seal

    7- Positive pressure Again poor vent installation

    8- The moronic use of AAV’s in some really poor code area’s

    Other causes can be
    1- A poor grouting job around the fixture like a toilet.

    2- Bacteria read HVI has to say about it Or NIOSH

    Again please feel to E mail me and I will be more then happy to give you more information.

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