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Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    John. I live in Qld, about two thirds up near three pointy bit, the highest mountain is about 3000ft but mostly the terain is about 6-700ft, we have one state sewerage & water act and one Australian Standard to work to, Plumbers must be Licensed & no person can carry out work unless the person is licensed.
    In Queensland we get cyclones (Joy in 1990 dumped 9 ft of rain in two weeks) down in Southern Qld they get Gully rakers that do as much damage as a cyclone in a shorter time & more often but mostly its dry for the most part of the year.
    We used to be able to install septic tanks, but now they changed it to Sewerage Treatment Plants with different levels of treatment, We used to also be able to install pits or soakage trenches but now we must use a Land Application areas.

    Regards Bob

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