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Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    Ken Zoeler. I appologise profusely. In Australia it is an offence to interfere with a Sewerage System or Water Supply System unless by a Licensed Person, as these Systems are provided for the Health of the Community. The house holder is allowed to connect to the System provided the work is carried out by a Licensed Person & in accordance with the Regulations, no person is allowed to interfere with that work unless they are licensed, as it is a Health issue. In Mr flushedwithprides situation, I agree he is carrying out his own personal work, but wait, wot if he sells the house? is he then selling the work? would he then be illegaly carrying out licensable work? Or is America the land of the Free where the ability to carry out ones own work is more important than the Communities Health Standards? No Ethical Licensed Plumber should/would assist the carrying out of unaproved or unlicensed Plumbing or Drainage.

    Regards Bob

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