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    In reply to message posted by John Aldrich:
    DFM1, I recommend that you install a plastic sump pump pit which has a gas tight cover, and rubber gaskets on all of the electrical and plumbing ports. The odorous gasses must be vented into the house vent system.

    Dear John, ( I always wanted to say that) The reason I don’t care for “plastic” as a top on most sump applications is they are normally made very cheap (thin) and do lose its shape from the hot water that can be found in sumps that receive the discharge from washing machines.

    About your posting that the drains do not need to be water jetted is a big mistake as drainage from washing machines do get deposits from soap scum build up and over a period of time the internal diameter does get reduced.

    By using a water Jetter even every 4 years you can restore piping to full flow something that cannot be done with just snaking or useless chemicals.

    Now the reason I and many other legitimate contractors do charge more for jetting is the equipment does cost a lot more.
    Also to properly Jet a line takes time much, much longer then simple snaking.

    Snaking removes hard stoppages like roots or rags but jetting is ideal for soft stoppages like grease and other build up deposits on piping walls.

    Now for a point of information.

    My “regular” jobbing mechanics make over $1,200 per 35 HR week just in the envelope not including bennies

    My top guy makes $45 per HR IN THE ENVELOPE and time and a half anything over 35 hours.

    So yes I do have to charge a lot to cover their salary plus my office staff and my salary and my over head.

    You must realize that labor is expensive and materials are cheap in comparison to man hours so having cheap materials fail makes no sense to me what so ever.

    I have to pity the poor bum contractors who steal from other people by having employees working for very cheap prices and the employee can never hope to have a decent home or new car every two or three years or send their kids to better schools.

    John thankfully I am able to charge the right price and not play lets make a deal when it comes to quality in workmanship and materials.

    I use plastic sumps when conditions warrant but not as a cost factor.

    Certain acids I can not use other materials but plastic Or an acid crock made of pottery is just not feasible in some locations

    I feel that plastic should not be allowed in side a structure and used only in drainage applications where Cast Iron is not advisable due to soil conditions.

    I still install cast Iron and steel sumps and even cement basins with diamond back steel covers.

    Quality in mechanics is what separates us from 5th world countries.

    Thankfully given a choice most folks when educated will go for quality and pay higher prices knowing the quality of life means something.

    Even the manufacturers of Cast Iron and plastic suggest CI for drainage (quiet long lasting) and plastic for venting and cheaper applications.

    Again I will say it I think every single home owner if they are so poor as to not to be able to afford better safer materials in their home they really should try to install plastic piping themselves BUT they should get a local code book 1st to follow local codes.

    John IM still glad we can agree to totally disagree as it sure makes this postings come alive. Have a great one SylvanLMP


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