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    In reply to message posted by R J:
    I have to agree with Harry.Let”s see if Sylvan can take the heat.He sure knows how to dish it out.He had his say,now let the others have theirs.How about it SylvanRE YOU A MAN OR A MOUSE? Squeak up

    RJ I have to AGREE with Mr. Mendoza about how YOUR one of the guys who take Knowledge BUT never could you offer anyone advice.

    You know your limitations and thus stay in the back ground knowing YOUR never going to be able to even offer advice.

    At least with my postings even being “pompous” I get folks to think out side of the box WHAT have you ever given to any list?

    What sound advice have you even tried to offer?

    What qualifications does YOUR mechanic have that is trying to train you to be a better helper so you can think on your own instead of being a parrot?

    Thankfully you do know you cant offer any plumbing or drainage advice and thus at least you know your place in a technical field.

    So RJ just you keep leaching off us real mechanics and one day you may learn something you can pass on to others.

    One thing guys like RJ dont know John and I agree to disagree BUT we both offer some advice in our postings and my advice to you RJ is to try to learn to think for yourself .

    Harry is one heck of a real professional as you can tell how he hides his non qualifications so any advice he/she gives is to be taken lighly guy.

    Learn to stand on your own kid it may help you grow into a semi skilled mechanic

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