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    In reply to message posted by Hobart Mendoza:
    Hey Sylvan you sold out you know john is a ****ing loser and most of these AH have no clue to being a real plumber.

    I cannot believe you “prophylactic” including you SylvanLMP allow this kind of bull FECAL MATTER postings to continue.
    Out of all the swinging ta dums on here I thought you would atleast back me up you anus.

    (Sorry H.M. I had to fix it for Quality control)

    Wow Mr. Mendoza thank you so much (I think)

    Yes, this list is full of wanna be journeymen BUT they sort of missed the mark it does appear.

    Like Johns posting “As I have stated the foul odors are produced by anaerobic microbial digestion of organic matter [not necessarily fecal matter) in the sewage flowing into the sump pump pit.

    He is great at confusing folks but a real plumber knows anaerobic means without oxygen and in this case the sump pit is not air tight.

    Also Mr. Mendoza I have to admit I like your honesty in telling it the way you see it.VERY REFRESHING I must admit

    You happen to be right a lot of the “USA” guys have no real clue to proper sizing of a vent pipe as John stated 2″ BUT he fails to think about is this 2″ good for twenty feet or 200 Ft

    What about the rationale that each GPM flow rate is also considered a Fixture unit.

    Yup Mr. Mendoza your are really refreshing in your thoughts as you do speak what you think,

    BUT considering this is a mixed group I feel you should please send me all the E mail you want and call me.

    These pet names personally as being a Nam vet I was called a lot worse things when I came back home by my fellow Americans like Hanoi Jane and her followers.

    You remind me of the E- 9 I used to hang with same foul mouth and I got used to it then so you really made me miss the old days even more.

    I have my own Master plumbers list and I would certainly consider it an honor to have you sign on. I AM VERY SERIOUS please E mail me privately as I like to have a difference of opinions expressed and you happen to be right about many of these folks having no clue to being “technical”

    In this country almost anyone can do drain cleaning or even plummin without any formal training.

    IM very serious Hobart please feel free to E mail me and ILL be more then happy to sign you up on my list, your honesty is really refreshing and you could care less about being “politically correct”

    Notice how John keeps pushing prices and NEVER Quality. He would drop dead knowing I buy Mercedes rather then a Yugo as to him PRICE is everything. He would drop dead if he knows my top “mechanic” I pay over $45 per hr IN THE ENVELOPE not including benifits NOT to bad for a non union guy huh?
    But John likes Cheap so he could never afford my higher prices

    Too bad guys like John never read green peace and learn how toxic plastic is BUT his kind of mentality or lack of is why stumblebum plumbers do use plastic when given a choice with soil conditions.

    Oh well Mr. Mendoza what can we do to educate the non educated handyman mentality of piping guys.

    Thankfully Home depot is making record breaking profits from selling to do it yourselfers.

    Personally I think every single home owner who is contemplating doing a job in “plastic” seriously think about doing it themselves, You do not have to use a “plumber” to install plastic piping systems MOST if not all home centers are willing to sell you a how to book.

    Next time a so called plumber comes knocking on your door ask what formal training they have and ask to see the Masters license,

    See John even admitted he is not a plumber but he dabbled in plastic goes to show you huh that ANYONE can do it maybe not right but they install things so why shouldn’t the home owners try it also?

    Mr. Mendoza hope to hear from you really soon. Guy you make me laugh May God Bless You sir


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