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    I have a sump pump in my basement that has the bathroom sink, shower and washing machine draining into it. I have a smell coming out of there that is mainly noticed when anything dumps into it. I looked at installing a cover for it, but the pump is sitting up off the floor by about a foot or so. If the pump were covered would that take care of the smell? I have built a wooden case to enclose it, to no avail. Please help!!!!!!!

    Since you did not include a toilet in this sump installation, there really should be no smells as your dealing with waste not soil (fecal matter).

    John saying you “need a vent” is partially true BUT John never said you have to consider developed length and fixture units connected to actually size the vent piping.

    About your sump being a concrete pit that kind sir is one of the better systems used for drainage as only the non knowing folks looking for a fast cheap job would use toxic plastic tanks as they just don’t know better.

    You can have a steel cover made over these types of pits with great results but the root of the smell should be addressed 1st like possible having a disinfectant put in the pit like bleach to sit over night to kill any bacteria that maybe lurking in it.

    You may also consider having your drain lines water jetted clean to remove years of crud build up as snaking will not scour the lines clean but only bore a small hole through a possible soft obstruction.

    You should also think about the type of sealer you do use on the pit cover and leave an access cover to allow removal of the pump when it does give up the ghost or when the impeller needs servicing.

    Hobart Mendoza I must say you sir are a real slob and I really doubt you are a plumber I think your more out house class of mechanics as least your mouth should be used to suck out cess pools sir.


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