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    In reply to message posted by John Aldrich:
    DFM1, I recommend that you install a plastic sump pump pit which has a gas tight cover, and rubber gaskets on all of the electrical and plumbing ports. The odorous gasses must be vented into the house vent system.

    John I think you need to stay away from the technical aspects of these trades as someone may actually listen to you and get into real trouble.

    You see John I never heard of a “plastic pit” I have heard of a plastic sump or a plastic holding tank. but never have I dug up plastic to create a pit.

    I have not posted on these boards for a few weeks and seeing how bad your advice is and the foul mouth others are in posting it will be a while before I post on here again.

    John please try to refrain giving information out that you really have no understanding about.

    Mr. Mendoza, I know your frustration BUT there are a few women who do read these lists and as much I think John Aldrich has no idea about drainage or anything else technical I would not use the foul language you have used.

    I think you should realize the lack of training some of the folks giving advice have and thus consider the source and not lower yourself to their level.

    Just my opinion sir take it for what it is worth BUT this list can really be interesting if you just ignore the stumblebums postings and realize not everyone can be a real tradesmen.

    By the way John seeing as you cannot be expected to know techinical stuff the so called rubber “gasket” on the electrical ports is called a “grommet” I wish Lorenzo could have found someone who knows what they are talking about so folks wont think we are all just handymen.

    My God man why dont you TRY to learn something about these fields.?

    Now you can fully understand why I kept off this part of the boards. You and the helper are killing this list IMHO


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