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    Originally posted by [email protected]:
    I’m writing a food newsletter for a local store, focus on Thanksgiving. I’ve been told that around the holidays, plumbers are called in for a lot of backed up sinks, due to potato peelings (I presume for mashed potatoes). What about potato peelings causes a problem? Is it a noticable increase in holiday emergency calls? I’d love to include a tip about this in the newsletter. Thanks so much. Lisa

    Around the holidays we get more then the usual amount of calls regarding back ups (stoppages) and jammed garbage disposals.

    This phenomena is a direct result because of over usage without letting the water run as the disposal is working AND over loading it as some folks have no clue to what the company is doing.

    Also folks have sluggish drains and think the useless chemicals will work THEN around all the holidays when the sink is needed the most POOF Stoppage time.

    What people dump down a disposal would choke anything up. I have found rocks and cans and what ever else God put on this earth as some nut case tried to use the disposal to grind up including bottles and bottle caps.

    If you have any questions please feel free to E mail me as I wrote a few articles for a news paper on various subjects and do not mind helping another journalist.

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