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    Sara RN,

    Mr. Poletto, the owner of this website, has established some rules for those that choose to respond to inquiries on the Bulletin Boards.


    Our Bulletin Boards are provided to assist those seeking information about Plumbing, Drainage, Gasfitting, and related industries.

    Any posts that are considered offensive/slanderous or are an attack on other users, will be removed from the Bulletin Boards.”

    Mr. Tieger simply would not comply with many requests from Mr. Poletto to cease and desist from posting responses that were filled with offensive/slanderous language, and personal attacks on other professionals responding to inquiries. So, Mr. Tieger has been banned from posting responses to this Bulletin Board, and a couple of other plumbing related websites. You may enjoy his acidic, New York humor, but I, and many others who have been targets of his insults, do not.

    At the request of Mr. Poletto, I have accepted the responsibility of monitoring the responses to inquiries to the Drainage and Sewerage Bulletin Board. When I first accepted the position of Moderator, I attempted to edit all responses, deleting the offensive/slanderous remarks, and the attacks on others. When the time required to edit the responses from Mr. Tieger, and others like PlumbBob and Richard became tedious, I decided to simply delete the entire response. I read every submittal, and the first “stumblebum”, “Ditch Digger”, “Billy Butt Crack”, or other insult that I encounter, I will immediately delete the entire post, despite whether or not valuable information is also contained in the offenders response.

    PlumbBob, and others still have not figured out the criteria that is acceptable in responding to inquiries. I don’t know what part of the “IMPORTANT NOTICE”, reproduced above, that they don’t understand.

    You, on the other hand, have noticed that I will not tolerate personal attacks on the Bulletin Board. This is why you reserved your attack on me in the personal e-mail message that you sent to me this morning, rather than attacking me on the Bulletin Board. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but do not bother to communicate with me again.

    I am happy that Sylvan answered your inquiry and assisted your director in solving your medical gas plumbing problem. He does have a great deal of knowledge, and experience in certain areas of the plumbing industry, but he has limited knowledge in the area of on-site sewage treatment systems. This lack of knowledge however, did not restrain him from attempting to respond to inquiries regarding septic systems, and most of the time he responded with incorrect advice. I respond to only those inquiries about subjects in which I am knowledgable. Also, I will not respond to any attack directed toward me that is posted on the Bulletin Board (or in a private e-mail message) as it is my policy to not engage in a “pi–ing match” with an idiot.

    I hope this explanation of the “Deletion Policy”, and the answer to your question is clear. JWA

    [Edited by Lorenzo on 12 June 2001]

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