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    Any fool willing to pay $325.00 to unstop a dam drain deserves whatever he/she gets. I dont know what part of country Sylvan is in, but I bet he would’nt last a day here in Texas and in my area.

    And to inform you on the rates that i’m charging and living the “Good-Life”, son, i’m just in my second ‘official’ year of owning my company, and the future of my business and business stratagy will yield millions. Let me inform you on a few things, and if needed take notes. First of all,one of my mentors who is a volume drain cleaner alsond actually charges lower prices that me to unstop drainsnd is in the most competitve state for Plumbing/Drain Cleaning probally made just over a million last year in drain cleaning/drain repair related work($225,000..yes you may be UNDERpaid)and this is what I mean by living the good life(knowing that one day soon that will be me)and yes,starting out I maid like $50,000 the first year!! and at the end of my second full official year of doing business I allready ‘doubled’ my last years salary. Yes I will have drain-techs and they will be living the good life also..and I will have a unique pay-scale system that will work for everybody(don’t care to discuss that on this list)that is similar to my mentors. I do own a nice house,drive a caddi and an expedition. Drive a brand new 2001 chevy ext cargo van express(no-windows). As for my mentor(no names needed)if you are not talking about owning airplanes and living in million-dollar houses then you are not even in his league. So lets use this small example as what not to assume about the drain-cleaner who chooses to be fair,honest,hard-workingnd charge a decent rate. Hell I get new customers ‘daily’ who “use to” have a personal plumber that charges over a c-note to plunge the toilet!!!….DAILY!!!!!
    So if you are finding sukkers to pay you those high wages and you are working less that 20hrs a week…well more power to you!!!..but if you ever come in my city,you will be un-employed so fast that I may have to hire you as a drain-tech and re-educate your mind……….GOOD-LUCK ON FINDING THOSE CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!


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