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    Originally posted by [email protected]:
    After recent heavy rain noticed no water flowing from stormwater into street. I believe it may be obstructed by a tree root but think it is under my driveway and inaccessable.<SNIP

    Was a video inspection made Or are you just assuming that you have roots?

    What is the best way to approach it? chemicals or other means.

    Chemicals are fantastic if you have YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS to wait.

    I have been told that you cannot use a snake with cutting blades in PVC stormwater pipe is this right?

    Sure it is Right if the person behind the snake is incompetent

    Today with the lack of professional plumbers a lot of folks are going to home centers and rightfully so to install their own plumbing systems.

    About roots read this

    If a person is a REAL Pro they can snake out plastic and even Glass piping (Pyrex) if the need arises.

    The key is hiring a licensed professional NOT one of his /her schleppers

    If your dealing with a person who only had On The Job Training look out BUT if you have a really trained (5 year apprenticeship) and then another 2 years working in the field plumber then you have a good chance of having these drains cleaned properly without having some dummy poke a hole through this non professional.

    Ask for a REAL plumber with his own masters license or a drain cleaning license STATE issued.

    This line by the way may just be filled with silt and sand then water jetting is the way to go.

    Feel free to E mail me…

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