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    I have 3 water jetters ranging in pressure from 1,250 PSI to over 3,000 and flow rates from 1.6 GPM to 14 GPM

    For light and medium applications I like either the Rigid KJ 1,250 (electric) or the Rigid KHJ 2,200 Gas powered Honda engine.

    My real work horse is my JetMax 3010 But your looking to spend a little over $12,000 ..WELL WORTH IT

    Now pricing is hard to set because my pricing is per drain PLUS per half hour.

    For example my Rigid jetters both paid for themselves the 1st day I used them BUT I average $2,200- $2,800 per 7-8 HR day

    For example I charge $125 per 3″ leader line for storm drainage and most of my accounts have over 10 of these lines and it takes about 20 minutes each to clean properly with the jetter. (mostly yard drains and down spouts)

    What I have found is charging per drain plus T&M anything over a half hour gets billed from the get go.

    If you go to this web site you can see my big jetter

    With a Kohler 25 HP motor and 3,000 PSI @ 10 GPM or 2,500 PSI @ 14 GPM I have more then enough power and volume to service all of my residential and commercial accounts.

    Not all areas of the country can you charge these prices BUT if you explain that the Licensed person is on the job site and you do the job properly instead of the normal get in and get out you can set up BI yearly cleaning like I do.

    I try to average no more then 22 drains per day as I can do them properly without killing myself and dont have to rush through the jobs.

    My rule of thumb is If I buy a snake or a jetter I expect for for it to pay for themselves the first day I use it.

    The JetMax being this expensive took me 97 drain cleanings to pay for it self. Keep track of your time is very important

    Only you know what you can afford to pay for equipment and what you want to have for a pay back on investment time wise.

    I found quality products pays in the long run.

    Just make sure you charge enough per drain/day to cover your equipment wear and tear plus your labor and your over head and your profit margin.

    For one drain/sewer I never would charge less then $225

    Forget the other guys prices you charge what you feel is in your best intreasts.

    I have some drain cleaners working around my area working 6 days a week making the same amount
    of money as I do working 2 days per week.

    Everyone has to decide what they are worth.

    Think about it do ALL professional ball players make the same money?

    Do ALL Lawyers/ Doctors make the same salary?

    I decided years ago when I semi retired at 35 that I will own my company it will not own me.

    Why work 60 hours a week if you can make a decent living working 15 or 20 hours?

    Feel free to E mail me if you have any questions

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