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You need to isolate the hwh. thats why two valves should aalways be installed one to stop cold in and one to stop hot out ,
Once pressure is relieved leak should stop

^^^^ Plumbing Inspectors will not pass a outgoing valve on a water heater (hot side). Reason:

The average homeowner can easily shut down both valves, NOT turn off the power (gas or electric) to the water heater and now you are totally relying on a T&P that is notorious for failing and not opening up if it is calcified.

That will instantly give you a homemade pressure cooker with no way to relieve itself if the T&P doesn’t open. Less of a chance of danger if the thermal expansion has a place to go in the system or back out to the main if it is not a closed system. (PRV or Double Check Valve Assembly)

Cold water inlet valve serves the purpose of shutting off all water to the hot side.

Follow Retired Plbg.’s advice or refrain from using the water until the problem is resolved.

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