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Gary, thanks for the excellent ‘Reply’. As to the builder, painters, plasters, electrictions, plumbers, well drillers, etc, etc you wouldn’t begin to understand the screw-ups the trades create in the Ocala area – cracked marble window sill, install the window anyway, take the window out and replace the sill, after the painters painted around the window, so paint again. Or sod the yard, then dig up the sod to lay cable for the pole light, then leave sod in the sun to die, bring in more sod and back the tractor over a tree, cut down the tree and tear up the new sod. Paint the ceiling, then stand the interior door up on the floor and spray them – and of course, spray the ceiling with another color, then lay yhe carpet before repainting the ceiling Just over and over and over!

Is there a drain cock under the ring the pressure tank sits on? Why would a jar of water from the pump head discharge pipe have clear water that remains clear of 2 days, but water from the pressure tank comes out of the tank brown colored – even when run steady for 15 minutes – the clean water from the well should not oxidized just between the pump and the 50 ft. run to the pressure tank should it. BTW, I have a 40/60 tank precharged to 38 pounds. Doesn’t clear iron use oxygen to oxidize the iron to brown?

Thanks again

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