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    Tank pressure when empty needs to be set at 2 pounds below cut-in pressure.

    Doesn’t matter where the pump is located in this situation; it is all piped the same. All that is needed is a line to the tank on the pressure side of pump head.

    Install a pressure gauge on the pressure side also to see exactly what the pump is doing at all times.

    Inspect the existing foot valve, check valve, if the there is already a check valve on the new one in head of pump, remove the existing one that was inline in front of pump; 2 checks are not required at pump head.

    Make sure that the pump has ample water to pull a prime and make sure there are no external leaks causing this pump not to generate prime.

    Did you change the wiring specs on the back of pump motor so that it properly matches the wire configuration you have?

    Some pumps come pre-wired set up for 220 and most times the customer has thier existing wiring set at 110.


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