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    Is it possible to get that old iron T-fitting out of the line and put a copper one in there. I run into the same problem of iron/copper not mixing. The T-fitting is not threaded, so I can’t thread anything into it. Anyone have any suggestions? Please, I really need to fix this myself, cause I don’t have the money to pay a plumber to do it. Thanks.

    Forgive me, but I can’t quite understand your problem. You seem to have supply pipes in some ferrous material. Unless your home is very peculiar, that must be some form of threaded iron pipe, usually galvanized, but it may be ungalvanized. Unless you have a very odd system, the tee you describe must be threaded, but for some reason that fact is not apparent to you. Virtually no residential iron supply pipes were brazed or welded. It may be that your pipes are so corroded that you do not appreciate the fact that they are threaded.

    Unless you are a master pipefitter, you will never be able to “solder” iron pipe to copper pipe. If you were a master craftsman, you might be able to braze such a connection, though it would never pass a routine code inspection. Copper/iron connections may be effected via standard approved fittings in which a copper fitting is mechanically joined (by threads or some means of compression), and thence continued in copper via soldered joints.

    To do the job, you will need to be able to cut into your iron pipe and thread and fit connections to which you will solder in your copper line. I appreciate and sympathize with your professed poverty, but I can tell you that you’d be better off getting a professional to do the job. Even if you educated yourself on the art required to do the job, you’d still have to invest in the necessary tools (pipe cutters, threaders, torches, etc), not to mentionyour own time, and this investment would likely exceed the cost of hiring a plumber.


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