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    In reply to message posted by Robert Stephen Morton:
    What size is the Flow?
    What size is the return?
    How long are the dead legs to the last 3 rooms?
    Is there a long dead leg to the last 3 rooms?
    Is there a non return or check valve in the return line?
    Does the return line connect to the cold supply?
    Is the Circulation line properly insulated?
    What is the draw off in the twenty units?
    Who installed the Plumbing?
    Have you called a professional Licensed Master Plumber?
    Is the pump installed Properly.
    Is the electricity to the pump connected properly?

    The entire new plumbing to all twenty rooms was done by licensed plumber and inspected during rough in by city inspector.

    I will get back on line and flow sizes. I’m not sure.

    I believe pump is installed properly. But how do I check. The arrow point in the right direction; does that help?

    Room are 12′ long; so the last rooms are appr. 200′ to 240 foot away from the water heater.

    Don’t know what a check valve or non-return line is.

    Dead legs are max 10′ from supply line. hot water and return lines run right over all bathrooms in ceiling.

    Don’t know if return is connected to cold water line. Should it be?

    All lines are well insulated. Know this because we survived several freezes during rough in construction.

    Hope this helps.

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