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Okay……..there are two kinds of plumber’s grease.

One is for any threads or moving parts that do NOT come in contact with potable water.

The other is considered food grease, which is FDA approved, and looks like clear silicone that does not tighten up over time.

Use can use both types,,,,,,they are found at plumbing supply houses or big box stores,,,,,just for the different parts.

The cartridge needs a small but ample amount of food grease coating on all of the parts that come in contact with the housing of the faucet.

I would coat the entire cartridge……it will be greasy……but that is what it’s for.

If this is a Moen Extensa Pull out Kitchen sink faucet….don’t use alot of grease; the weight of the handle will cause the faucet not to stay in the open position when halfway open.

Any thread or moving part that doesn’t come in contact with the potable water supply can use the other yellow grease.

This should take care of your problem and remember to not overtighten any nuts that affect the handle operation.

I understand that Moens are clip installed, but keep in mind some of the housing if misaligned or put in too tight will affect this.

Just follow the idea of greased joints on a motor vehicle and it will follow the same on a faucet.

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