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OK, Jaba…You are putting us on, right? I mean, you did know that was a gas meter. BTW, it is not safely set up. We usually like to place them closer to the house, but I guess you’ve got a big front yard. If the meter is gonna stand proudly exposed like that, it ought to be protected by four concrete filled 4″ or larger pipes imbedded in a concrete plinth or something similar that will keep a car from knocking it over…at the very least it’s a tripping hazard. The thing attached to the inlet (utility) side of the meter looks like a gas PRV. We usually use those on branch lines to gas appliances, so I’m not sure what it’s doing on the inlet side before the meter…I’m sure Morton or Race knows.

Assuming that your post is serious, I agree with Racefanone that it’s time to call your plumber. While you’re at it, call your gas utility and ask them to fix the meter installation.


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