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thank you both for your input

i’m pretty sure this toilet is original to the house, though I can’t confirm it. I’m assuming that the plumbing was reworked at some point in this bathroom because you’re right, it is a mess and appears far beyond SOP.

Side note, you should see the faucet outside..just dangling through the hole..not even spray foam insulated or caulked.

Dunbar, I understand about the freeze line but what I’m trying to figure out as far as the water main is concerned, is where it actually is coming into the house. I scoured the area around the hot water heater and furnace and couldnt find it. if i have a PRV I cant find it..nor can I find where the water main is being distributed. is it likely this is all being done in or below the foundation??

so its safe to assume at this point that this whole assembly needs to be cut out and replaced (along with the shower’s pipes as well i imagine).

if i cant find the water main how can i shut the water off to cut this pipe and put on something else?

what should i replace it with pvc? copper? whats best used where?


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