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    According to your picture,,,which is extremely helpful, tells a story that galvanized piping if I am correct is your problem how that copper water line connects to outside spigot.

    The problem is the threaded ninety (shower lug ell) and all that piping joining to outside line. That brass fitting if tied to galvanized will probably be clogged up and so will the pipe connected to it. Replace all of this with copper along with a new spigot outside; either frost-free or standard sillcock.

    If you replace that, that is probably where all the restrictions lie causing low pressure.

    Just replace it with 1/2″ since that little bit of 3/4″ will not make a difference not unless you replace that line all the way back to the main.

    Water services usually come into front wall of building through the lower section of wall.

    If the grade surrounding the foundation in front of home is inadequate to provide ground coverage for frost line, which is usually 36″ deep in my area, they will install water line either through footer by sleeve or under it and pass water line up through floor around footer.

    The norm is 3/4″ for the main with a shut-off valve right at entry of building. Pressure reducing valves are also located at this point above shut-off valve to protect home from high-pressure. Check to see if you have one.

    Sometimes the integral strainers will get clogged and slow down water pressure to entire house or to fixtures that demand the most volume of water.

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    » This message has been edited by DUNBAR on 23 August 2003

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