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The main question is whether there is a leak at the seal between the toilet and the closet flange (the wax seal), or from the toilet bowl itself. Leaks from the closet flange seal will occur only when the toilet is flushed. Leaks from the bowl may be due to an cracked toilet bowl. Also. condensation on the bowl or tank may drip onto the floor. A good way to find out if bowl water is is leaking onto the floor is to put a food dye into the bowl. If the bowl is leaking, the dye will be visible on the floor even when the toilet is not flushed. If you put dye into the tank, and it appears on the floor without flushung, that implies a leak from the tank. If in both scenarios un-colored water appears on thr floor. it is coming from condensation or from a leak at the supply line connection to the tank.


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