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    This is actually a fairly common problem with many of the newer 1.6 gallon toilets. Some really well-engineered brands, like the Toto, will flush fine with a simple flick of the flush lever, no matter what is in the bowl. Other brands will require the extra quart or two of water that you will get by holding the lever down for a couple of seconds as the flush is in progress, especially when you have a lot of TP and “stuff” in the bowl…

    You seem to have learned the compensatory trick of holding down the lever to eek out enough H2O from the tank to make a good flush when more than the usual amount of waste needs to go down the drain.

    You certainly might try adjusting the ball or flapper valve, but the real problem is that 1.6 gallon toilets are operating at the limits of their efficiency. Fortunately, it is possible, as you have discovered, to push the toilet to perform better by holding down the flush lever. I’ve been advising my clients to do the same if they have occasional problems with their 1.6 gallon flushers…


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