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Assuming you have no low pressure or flow complaints, you could have less water in the well than ‘usual’. That would mean that the iron content that is responsible for orange/rusty water is higher than ‘usual’ and, the water you hear running into the well may be bringing water in that is very high in iron. Or, the water you here may be a leaking line stiring up rust in the well as it aerates the water causing any ferrous iron to convert to ferric iron which is common rust which discolors the water. You could also be using too much water in too short a time which will take the water level much lower than usual and can cause this type of problem; especially if you are in a dry period and the water table is lower than usual.

You need a well driller or pump guy to inspect the well. A water treatment can anlyize your iron content and suggest various types of iron treatment equipment.

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