Reply To: How do you stop ecectrolisys once it starts to cause pin-hole leaks

Thank you for your responding to my questions. This site is going to be very helpful.
To answer your questions, so far I have only looked at the job at the hotel. I wanted to be
sure before I started any work.
The owner of the hotel tries to do everything the cheap way. Apparently he does not
realize that some things must be done the right way first. Or it will cost more in the long
run. He hired a friend of his who knew how to soilder but nothing about plumbing codes.
All of the new copper mains where connected to the old galvanized pipes in the individual
units. He simply did this be using Female copper fittings to galv. nipples.
I need to take a better look at the strapping used for the new mains. Because the pinhole
leaks are not within inches of the unions. They are however occurring one after another
within a 20 foot span. Someone has tried to fix previous leaks by using furnco’s and some
sort of clamp patch that I am not familiar with. Maybe the strapping used is metal, I will
check on that today. I have not replaced any pipe yet but plan on replacing that leaking
section first. Then I will get 6” yellow brass nipples and bring the unit connections up to
code. If the owner will agree, of course. He may want someone just to replace the
leaking section. In that case I will not be doing any work on the building. What are the
consequences for a building owner with code issues on their plumbing?

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