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I am trying to decipher the semantics of our condo association by-laws, which use the above mentioned language to discriminate between the owner’s and the association’s responsibility for payment of the leak.

So here is the complete section.
Maintenance, repairs and repleacements of the lateral sewer lines from the Building to the main trunk swerer and of the vertical elements of the waste plumbing system shall be furnished by the Association as part of the Common Expenses. Maintenance, reparis and replacements of the interior lateral connections of the waste plumbing system of each Unit, including the connections between the vertical elements and the laterals themselves, shall be at the expense of each respective Unit Owner.

So what am I responsible for?????????????????????/

It sounds like you are responsible for ANY pipes and fixtures that are WITHIN the walls your dwelling and whose use is not shared by other households in your association (such as common waste pipes). By that definition, you are responsible for your leaky toilet (whether from the tank, bowl, flange, or even the closet bend beneath the bowl…just so long as no one else’s wastewater flows through that section of pipe) AND the pipes are within the building. If this is a multi-unit building, it seems that the condo owners and not the HA are responsible.


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