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    I am trying to decipher the semantics of our condo association by-laws, which use the above mentioned language to discriminate between the owner’s and the association’s responsibility for payment of the leak. Our by-laws only refer to the waste plumbing system and its lateral and vertical elements with another section on plumbing fixtures. The attorney deemed the flange and toilet seal (as he referred to the wax gasket) a plumbing fixture, and went further to comment that we need to “maintain” these elements. I completely disagreed and if I learned one thing from graduate school it was to research topics that are unfamiliar. Unlike the attorney in this case and yes many St. Louisians who take it upon themselves to make judgements and decisions without evidence, research or expert advice, I am trying to increase my knowledge of plumbing (which I had no previous knowledge), in order to make my decisions and increase my understanding of the by-laws. I wish I was trying to be philosophical regarding plumbing, however, I just don’t want to get screwed??!!!

    So here is the complete section.
    Maintenance, repairs and repleacements of the lateral sewer lines from the Building to the main trunk swerer and of the vertical elements of the waste plumbing system shall be furnished by the Association as part of the Common Expenses. Maintenance, reparis and replacements of the interior lateral connections of the waste plumbing system of each Unit, including the connections between the vertical elements and the laterals themselves, shall be at the expense of each respective Unit Owner.

    So what am I responsible for?????????????????????/

    Very true response about St. Louis people, no I am not orginally from St. Louis. Please get me out as soon as possible!!!!

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