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    [/B]Do you “maintain” a wax gasket for a toilet???
    –No. You do not “maintain” the wax gasket. You just install it correctly. A correctly installed wax gasket should last for MANY years. I’ve replaced toilets that have been seated on perfectly functional wax rings for DECADES…

    Is it a plumbing fixture or part of the pipe??
    –It is not, by definition, a “fixture.” I guess you could say it is a “fitting,” a part of the pipe system, just as valve, flange, or compression fitting would be.

    What are the vertical elements of the waste plumbing system??
    –vent and drainage “stacks,” closet bends, etc.

    What are the lateral connections and the lateral connections to the vertical elements of the waste plumbing sytem?
    –These are any of the more or less horizontal runs of drain pipe connected to the entire DWV system. Some of these horizontal pipe runs include so-called “wet vents” and “re-vents.”

    Or if it leaks undetected under the subfloor is this water damage caused by a plumbing leak???
    –Unless the moisture comes from a roof leak or someone spilling water on the floor, you may assume that there is a leak in the DWV or water supply plumbing.


    You’re welcome.


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