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The toilet roll holder may be caught on the pan-connector on the outlet of the pan. Ive had a few blocked toilets now where those Ambi-Pur toilet freshners that hang off the side of the bowl have been flushed down the pan and get caught on the pan-connector rubber, which therefore blocks the toilet.

If you plunge the toilet, you may dislodge the blockage, but the chances of it washing further down the drain and creating another blockage is very high.

Your best bet wud be to get a plumber in to remove the pan and see if the toilet roll holder is either stuck on the rubber, or is caught inside the pan itself.
The water will eventually make its way past the blockage, but any solids or toilet paper flushed down there will see the water level rise very quickly, which wudnt be too great if the toilet was just used, if you know what I mean.

If its as simple as this, then most it shud be will be 30mins-1hr work, depending on the circumstances. All the plumber wud do is remove the pan, clean up the blockage and then re-fit the pan. And obviously the pan wud have to come out if the drain was goin to be rodded anyway.

Hope this helps!!

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