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    Cause of Double Flush:
    1. The flapper is not closing at the proper time due to the force of the refill water and fill valve water. When the refill water shoots straight down the over flow pipe it can suck air that blows the flapper up, not allowing the flapper to close.
    2. If a 501 flapper is installed on a newer 1.6 gpf toilet that requires a flapper that is designed to close ½ way through the draining of the tank, it will stay open and drain the complete tank creating a double flush.
    3. The flush lever or handle is stuck and holding the flapper open.
    4. The flapper is stuck against the over flow pipe.

    Solutions for a Double Flush:
    1. For cause # one above change the flow of water from the angle adapter so the stream hits the top inside wall of the over flow pipe. This will cause water to swirl and stop blowing the flapper up during the flush cycle. Turn the shank of the fill valve if the flow of water is going straight for the flapper. This will divert the strong water flow around the flapper area.
    2. Take the 501 Bull’s eye supper flapper out of the 1.6 gpf toilet and replace with a 502 Adjust A Flush Flapper or a compatible flapper as recommended by the manufacturer. These flappers are designed to close ½ way through the draining of the tank and are generally adjustable.
    3. It is usually best to replace the old flush lever when it starts sticking but you can clean off calcium and minerals and lubricate if you desire.
    4. The flapper may not be compatible with the flush valve. Find the spot where the flapper frame sticks to the over flow pipe and use a finger nail file to file the flapper frame at those spots. You can lubricate the clips at the over flow pipe to allow ease of operation as well.

    Christopher Scott

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