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    You will need to set the gutter guard so that it can be lifted above the downpipes.

    Make a box, 3mm smaller in each direction than the downpipe drop in the gutter, and about 120mm deep. around the top edge (the open end of the box) you need a lip around it about 6mm (matching the lip around the drop. Under this lip you will need to glue 10mm thick foam rubber.

    God forbid the bush fires come, peel back the gutter guard and drop the box into the top of the downpipe. fill with water, the weight of the water inside the box will pull it down on the foam and seal between the gutter and it. Your gutters should now fill with water.

    Now, what gutters do you have ?? Quad or square sloted ?? Water weighs one kilogram per litre. 1m of gutter the water would weigh about 12 kilograms. A 50 linial metre guttered house would have 600 odd extra kilograms hanging off of it. Quad with spike brackets might hold, square or quad with concealed brackets most probably will not.

    My thoughts any way


    All advice is given with-out seeing the job, and hence all advice MUST be taken as advice with limited knowledge on the exact situation. NO responsibility can or will be taken. And yes, I am a licensed Plumber and Drainer with my own business in Brisbane Australia.
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